More modular temporary accommodation opens in Ealing

Back in the early 90’s, my family hit rock bottom, and for a period of time whilst homeless we lived in emergency accommodation. The wardens house in a large men’s hostel, it was far from ideal for a single parent with two small children. Moving into the property is one of my earliest memories.
The experience of having to rely on the council for emergency accommodation, whilst also waiting on the housing list for something more permanent can be terrible. Decades after we went through it, the housing crisis has only gotten worse, and particularly in London. Bed and breakfast accommodation must be the absolute last resort. Whilst they are far from perfect, modular temporary accommodation is a better alternative, and that’s why we are rolling out more on temporary sites within the Borough. 
The modular buildings at Westfields Lodge in North Acton comprise a mix of one, two and three bed units, each self-contained with their own kitchens and bathrooms.

The buildings are designed so that they can be easily moved to other sites when necessary. Westfield Lodge is expected to occupy this site for at least 10 years before being moved to another location in the borough. In spite of this flexibility, the homes are built to the same rigorous standards as traditional buildings.

The new units are being built after the huge success of award-winning projects at Marston Court in Hanwell and Meath Court in South Acton, which both opened in 2017. Between the three sites there are now 108 self-contained units in the borough for local families who would otherwise be placed into bed and breakfast.

Councillor Peter Mason is Ealing Council’s lead member for housing, planning and transformation. He said: “For people who find themselves in the awful position of becoming homeless, this innovative emergency accommodation provide a stable, comfortable environment to live in. For the same financial outlay as bed and breakfast, Westfield Lodge offers 14 families a far better standard of accommodation. We’re very proud that Ealing was one of the first local authorities to use modular buildings as temporary accommodation in this way.”

QED Sustainable Urban Developments was Ealing Council’s development partner on this project. Chris Gilbert, Director of QED said: “Westfield Lodge is our third scheme working with Ealing Council which highlights our joint ambition and commitment to addressing the housing crisis.  We need short, medium and long-term solutions and Westfield Lodge is another short-term solution to emergency accommodation in Ealing.

“We have worked with our development partner TLBC to provide this sustainable, robust and flexible solution, made up of a kit of moveable and reusable parts of UK-produced shipping containers.”